Spring Writing Bootcamp- Final Check In!!!

Final Monday Check In!

I can't believe we're on our final check in! Where did the time go? (That's a real question) And in truth, I did fall off the wagon a few times, but in all Bootcamp was just the kick in the pants I needed to make some serious progress on a few different projects. So I'm calling it a Win! *big grin*

Here's My Final Status Update on my Goals:

  • Finish my edits on ISIS and give it another complete read through
  • Completed!! (much rejoicing)
  • Send ISIS to CP's of Awesome
  • Shine up first chapter of LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES and post an excerpt under my Current Projects tab on my blog (eeep!)
  • Posted my excerpt of LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES on my blog. If you're remotely curious, you can read it Here. (scroll to the bottom of the page)
  • ISIS is ready for CP's of Awesome. I started posting/sending the first chapters last week. Posting more chapters this week, so I get to call this one Completed too! (yay) (you have nooo idea how long this one has needed to happen)
  • Pass 50K mark on LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES (This is actually a March-May goal as it might take a while) :)
  • I churned out some more words. My current word count is at 49, 323 words!! Which means I have just under 700 words to go...which means I'm going to probably finish this goal today. Um..triple yay! It also means you don't have to smack me with a wet noodle. Which is probably a big relief to both of us. 
How's everyone else doing on their final push? It's the final days of our Epic Journey! GO TEAM VESUVIUS!!!

Check in with other folks on the most awesome team on the planet:


  1. Win-ning! And so glad there will be no harming of you with pasta :)

  2. Congrats on everything you accomplished!! Way to hit all of your goals! You really rocked the bootcamp. :)