I absolutely love the Survivor Badge for Spring Writing Bootcamp! (Thanks Sara!) You don't just do Bootcamp, you survive Bootcamp. Yes. Decidedly not dead over here. 

And I had sooooo much fun! My team was the absolute best. (Shout Out to Team Vesuvius!!!) The best part is realizing that I can make some fairly ambitious goals and actually get them done. (With the proper motivation of course)

So I'm looking forward to the next step(s) and I'm already picking out the prizes I will give myself when I make it to the next level. (Because every girl should have a guitar effects pedal that goes to 11, right?) (The answer, if you were on the fence on that one, is "yes")

And if you were one of the other lucky folks who survived the Spring Writing Bootcamp, grab your Survivor Badge and display it with pride. You've earned it!


  1. The answer is definitely yes :D Congratulations!

  2. I love that you have goal gifts for yourself. Brilliant! :) Congrats for surviving bootcamp, Kris! :)