Current Projects


New Adult: Apocalyptic

One bomb. That’s all it took.

One very well-placed bomb, carrying a carbon-devouring bacteria, and every life form on the planet is now on the endangered species list – including the human race.

Isis knows this, because she’s the one who planted it.

But that’s about all she can remember, since someone wiped her memories. That was the trade off, in order for her to stay alive. But they didn’t get everything. They didn’t get her dreams.

For Isis, the dreams are dangerous. She gets flashes and fragments of a past she can’t quite remember. She’s seen enough to know she is the one responsible for the demise of the human race – whether or not it was an accident, is still to be determined.

She may not have the luxury of time to figure that out, because she’s not the only survivor having dreams. The way some of them are eyeing her now, they may already know.

Asar is the one survivor she just can’t figure out. She can’t tell if he wants her dead, or just wants her. She doesn’t know who to trust, or if she can even trust herself.


New Adult: Historical

Seven years ago, Seth Heron finagled his way into an orchid expedition to the wilds of Florida with his very willing uncle and his very unwilling aunt.

He never recovered.

It wasn’t the orchids. And it wasn’t the heat. He contracted the most alarming of all ailments. He fell in love. With a girl.

And not just any girl. Lila, possibly the first ever sword-wielding voodoo Indian priestess with dirty knees and a smile with teeth.

He also fell in love with the strangest place he never knew existed presided over by Cicero, the most peculiar man he’d ever met. A misplaced monarch who had carved out a little paradise in the jungle filled with a curious collection of Wunderkammer, stolen art and gardens made of bones.

Now at nineteen, Seth risks everything to get back there. But getting there will only be half the battle. The real struggle will be to not get tossed right back out again on the first northbound riverboat by the very protective Cicero, who is not at all inclined to give up the hand of his lovely ward without a fight.

But even if it means surviving leeches, hurricanes, criminal art forgery, some possible treason and a sadistic monkey with at least one unmentionable fetish, it’s worth the price.

Love and Other Curiosities- Excerpt

Chapter 1

The Curious Calibration of the Apparatus of the Human Heart

There are places that change you. Moments in time which rearrange all your pieces and moving parts in such a way that you are new and wholly yourself at the same time.
            There is a twisting and untwisting of sinews, cogs set in motion such that the hitherto dormant chamber in your mind is thrown open and all the light pours in. And the whole precarious alignment of the apparatus suddenly rings true with a single, pure and solitary note. And you find the timbre of your heart is in perfect tune. Even if you didn’t realize it at the time. Even if you were just a child. Or perhaps more particularly because it was so. When your thoughts were still tender and not fully formed. And I was just a child. And I was told countless times to stop with my wild remembrances and imaginings. So much so, that I stopped speaking of them out loud. But they never left.
            It matters not how many heartbeats you possessed before that day, or how many countless heartbeats had since passed. That day had entered your blood and no matter how many times you breathed in or out, it would never leave you.
            Because that note, once rung cannot be undone. There is a thrill inside your chest that sounds like home. There is a scent. A quality of light. And of course she is there.
            And how many nights between sleeping and waking, I imagined what I would say to her, if I saw her again after all these years. And those imaginings took on life, and we, in a sense, grew up together.