Weekly Dose of Wonder- Lost in Indonesia

[As usual with the videos of wonder, let it load for a minute for HD enjoyment.]

The Wanderlust is back. (I want to go to there.)

My grandmother says some people in our family were born with wandering hearts. It's why you couldn't keep my father in one place. (Any more than you could keep a panther in the basement.) Our bodies might be here at the dinner table or doing the laundry, but our hearts, our hearts have flown miles away. Like migratory birds. We have migratory hearts.

We won't be truly content until we catch up to them. Our wandering hearts.

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  1. One side of my family has wandering hearts (including my grandmother). They are scattered across the country. The majority of the other side of fam is within 20 miles of where they were born. Put us together and we're an extreme bunch :)