What's Up Wednesday- May 14th

Cool Things Bloomin' in My Yard- Shellflower

Manatee twins, Shellflower & Anywhere

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I'm reading ANYWHERE by the amazing Jen Meyers. I've heard really good things about this new contemporary and I'm going to be interviewing her on the YA Buccaneers blog later this month. So stay turned for that. 

I'm also continuing with my Gabriel Garcia Marquez tribute re-read. I'm on ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE. And my god, the language shatters me. *glass heart bursts into a million shards and falls to the ground*


I've been getting almost daily reminders from several awesome people to send them ISIS already. (Hah! I love my CP's of Awesome and all the other people who have made my day by wanting to read it.) @morsini on twitter absolutely made my day the other day by saying "There should be a club for people "willing to commit murder to read Kris' book" Hah! God, I love my writer peeps. But, hopefully it won't come to that.

So here are my apologies for my slackitude, I'm going to hit "send" soon...I promise. Pinky swear.

And Writing Time...what happened to writing time?!! I need 16 extra hours in each day. *asks Santa* *nicely*


I'm writing this post early because tomorrow (read: today) I'm going to be out on a boat with Boy Chris helping him do his monthly wildlife survey on 33 miles of the Wild and Scenic Myakka River. (That's an official and well-deserved moniker.) So that's where I am right now, clipboard in hand, playing "I spy" with alligators and manatees.

Let's see, what else have I been up to:

  • This week was the Week of the Manatee. I took out a group of kids to see their first ever manatees. (So glad the manatees decided to show up for that.) We got to hang out for an hour with a group of 8 mammas and 3 tiny calves. Including the twins from last year! (So relieved they survived the winter.)
  • Installing a new workstation with built in shelves in my office/shop. I need a place to store all my Etsy crap (er..supplies) and I need a place for my writing stuff. So I've been hammering and building and staining to my little heart's content.
  • Eating my weight in mango. (Mango Colada=best summer smoothie EVER.)
Momma Manatee being nuzzled by her tiny twin calves.


  1. Seeing manatees in Florida in December 2012 was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Good luck with the study today ^_^

    Be sure to share photos of your new workstation. Sounds cool :D

    Have an amazing week!

  2. I can't resist a good contemporary! Looking forward to your YAB post with the author.

    Awww...Momma Manatee, so sweet.

    Have fun today with Boy Chris and the wildlife :)

  3. An extra 16 hours in the day! I wish! Haha. There never seems to be enough time!

    Hope you have fun today! That manatee picture is adorable.

  4. The manatees are so precious! We're hoping to do a kayaking trip that involves manatee observations while we're here in FL. And thanks for making me crave a mango colada! :-) Have a great week, Kris!

  5. Oh, those manatees are adorable! It's so, so cool that you get to see stuff like this on a regular basis. I saw two bald eagles and some deer on our roadtrip and I was all excited about that lol. But manatees? Now that's awesome!

    That's fantastic that you have so many people rooting you on, begging you to finish your story. Talk about a boost! Here's hoping you get those extra hours in your day so you can get to writing. ;-) Though, the stuff you're doing sounds pretty darn exciting, so... Hope you're having a great week, Kris!

  6. Manatees! I love seeing all your adventures on Instagram--I can't imagine what it must be like to LIVE it. Now I'm not exactly a nature gal, but I am a water baby and the idea of spending all day out there sounds like heaven :)

    16 extra hours in a day sounds perfect. If Santa gets back to you, could you let me know? Thanks!

  7. I've never seen a manatee! But I bet it'd be super cool. And I gotta google that mango colada!

  8. I've never seen a manatee in real life, but I've wanted to ever since I did a project on them when I was a kid. They're just so cute! You must love the reactions you get from people who take your tours when they see all this amazing wild life.

    I hope you magically find some extra writing time this week and that your workstation project goes well. I wish I was handy enough to build shelves! Have a super week, Kris! :)

  9. You always have the most awesome pictures in your posts! I, on the other hand, sometimes see deer? I guess we have bears and cougars, too, but I'm not going to want to get up close and personal with either of those.