What's Up Wednesday March 18th

Dolphins, Manatees & wee Scottish laddies in kilts ;) 

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Okay, I'm a tad embarrassed to admit this, but since this blog has the feeling of a confessional at times well... So you know Outlander finally came out on Netflix and, well, *cough cough* now I had to reread the first book. What is it about guys with Scottish accents?! *fans self* I'm pretty sure it's not the kilts. *grin* But dear authors everywhere, could you please limit the number of times your MC almost gets raped to less than 10. I know we're in the 18th century and all...But I Mean Really?!!

I had two weeks of solid writing progress with shiny new words and then I sort of fell off the wagon again. I've been kayaking my arms off (figured out I paddled over 100 miles this week alone) and all that sun and all that tired is taking its toll. Yesterday, I sat looking at my MS for a solid half hour and I swear the last chapter was written in Greek. I couldn't even focus on the page or make sense of any of the words. Then I passed out for about 3 hours.

Keep trying. That's it. 


◆     I feel a bit like a broken record but...Kayaking, kayaking and mawr kayaking. But this week I had two pods of Dolphins come right up to the kayaks in shallow water. I love it when a wild dolphin comes right up next to your boat, tips its head out of the water to look right at you, just as if to say "Hello fellow creature". Plus the Manatees are back down from their winter stay in the springs and creeks. How can you not love your job when you get to show people dolphins and manatees?!! I had one girl from Minnesota who had always wanted to see a dolphin in the wild and she started crying from happiness and said it was the best day of her life. She was wiping tears off her cheeks and all embarrassed about it. I had to tell her not to be because, "I get it, really I do."
◆    What else?...Hmm... Well we didn't have enough energy to build a proper fort for St. Patrick's Day, so instead of the impressive Fort Valentine, we decided to call it St. Patrick's Barricade. Still, fun was had by all and there was a fire, guitars and plenty of libations so in all not to shabby. Then there's the ever-present art projects, teaching classes on Wetland Restoration, sea turtle surveys, Etsy madness, etc. etc. I'll spare you the details. ;) But even though things are crazy busy right now, I keep being struck with how amazingly wonderful life is. I am very, very glad to be alive.

What have you guys been up to this week? Again, please be patient with me. I'm going to be out on the ocean for most of the day, but I promise I will catch up on comments as soon as I can make my eyes focus. :) 


  1. I hope you find some inspiration to write soon. Sometimes we just need to take a break, and then inspiration hits. I hope it works for you. :)

    My What's Up Wednesday post.

  2. 100 miles?! Wow! No wonder you passed out, I would have too! I'm very jealous that there are dolphins involved in your job.

    Have a great week!

  3. Dolphins and manatees! So jealous. Have a great week!

  4. It's always fun to read about everything you see/do. Jealous ;) As to men with Scottish accents *sigh*

  5. I hear you on the weeks of solid writing progress...and then the slumps of low productivity. That was me this week as well. Only your reasons sound so much more AWESOME than mine. Seriously. Kayaking and dolphins beats the living daylights out of what I've been doing. ;-) Even so, it feels like I've been scrambling around doing every other thing than writing, and when I *do* sit down, I can't focus. Sound familiar?

    Hope you have an all-around great week, Kris! :-)

  6. Yeah, that's one aspect of Outlander that makes me cringe. It pretty much continues throughout the series, just to warn you. Such a shame that it gets used so often as a plot device. The dudes in kilts are definitely an upside of that series though, and I'm a little ashamed to say that's what keeps me reading. Only a little though.

    It really is amazing that you even attempted to sit down and write after paddling over 100 miles this week! You're both crazy and inspiring! I can see why your story looked like Greek to you. I always know I'm too tired to write when I start mixing up all my homonyms. Time to pack it in when that happens.

    I think I'd probably be in tears if I got to kayak next to a dolphin too, which might be a possibility someday seeing as we'll soon be living right by the Atlantic Ocean. Some things in nature just make your heart swell to the size of the universe, and dolphins are one of them.

    A St. Patrick's Day fort? Now that sounds fun! Have a super week, Kris, and I hope you have some time to write and relax this week! :)

  7. Your works for you also works for me :)

    I don't live next to an ocean, but I am near the river and I took an awesome walk by it the other day and saw ducks. Or at least I think they were ducks? They sounded quacky. Or maybe honky?

    Anyway, enjoy the sunshine!