Weekly Dose of Wonder- A Walk in Nature

In honor of Spring Writing Bootcamp, I just had to post this very cool video for the Weekly Dose of Wonder series.

Lace up your hiking boots people!! Let's do this!!

Not signed up for Bootcamp yet? It's not too late. Hook up, Link Up and let's WRITE ALL THE WORDS!!

****** This just in..... The YA Buccaneer's Spring Writing Bootcamp Teams (of Awesome) have been announced!!!!!********

And guys, I have the most AWESOME TEAM!!!!

Andrea Aten - @AndreaAten
Megan Orsini- @morsini
Gina Hepburn- @ginahepburn
Suzanne Lazear- @suzannelazear
Lauren Garafalo- @laurengarafalo
Kitty Hietal- @KittyHietala

Cue Muppet Flail of Epic Proportions!!!!!!


  1. Wow. I looooove that. Just. Wow.

    Thanks for sharing this, Kris!

    1. I know!!! Those glorious vistas and those drums make me feel like anything is possible. It makes me feel like I can do anything. Like WRITE ALL THE WORDS! (It also makes me want to lace up my boots and get my passport stamped a bunch.) Umm..did someone say Bali? *big grin*