Spring Writing Bootcamp!!!

Over at the YA Buccaneers Spring Writing Bootcamp is in full swing!!! Click here to learn all the details and to join a team.

Spring Writing Bootcamp is all about meeting your writing goals and encouraging others on your team. So here are my Bootcamp Goals:

  • Finish my edits on ISIS and give it another complete read through
  • Send ISIS to CP's of Awesome
  • Shine up first chapter of LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES and post an excerpt under my Current Projects tab on my blog (eeep!)
  • Pass 50K mark on LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES (This is actually a March-May goal as it might take a while) :)

Are you doing Spring Writing Boot Camp? Link up, hook up and join us for some Writing Parties!!

It's easy:

1. Post your Spring Writing Bootcamp Goals on your blog
2. Add your blog link
3. Join a support team if you want and/or support others on twitter and social media. Check out the YA Buccaneers Post for more details and info on prizes, etc.!!


  1. Good luck with your writing goals for the boot camp. I'm going to be working on lots of revisions as well :)

    1. Thanks! And good luck with your goals too! I'll be there on the trail handing out s'mores if you need them. :)

  2. I love that you have such specific goals for each month. I'm just not that focused. Writing Bootcamp? I'm all...sure....I'll be revising. Goals? Again, I'm.....uh, I need to revise. So...revising. :-)

    Maybe I should stop and take a minute to break down my revision. :-)

    1. Hah! I've learned that I need to make rather specific goals, otherwise I have a goal list that looks like:
      1) Write Book

      And then I wonder why I'm not making progress. ;)

  3. Hurray! Awesome goals, Kris! I'll be cheering you on! :)

    1. Yay! I'll be there on the trail cheering you on too! I'll be the one with the backpack full of tasty vegan treats. ;)

  4. Good luck with all of your goals!! :) I'm excited to set mine today - I'm a little behind since I was traveling for work but I'm super excited for this challenge!