What's Up Wednesday

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As most of you who follow me on Twitter already know, I've been on a bit of a Roller Derby kick lately. I've been fascinated with it for a while, but it got kicked up a notch when a couple of gals out on the Trail noticed me careening blazing along on my skates and asked me to join the local Roller Derby team. (Ummm....WANT. But I bruise really, REALLY easily and some of those girls are vicious.)
So I still haven't made up my mind about joining the team, but when one of the gals mentioned that it was the book WHIP IT that got her into Derby in the first place, I did a double take. "It's a BOOK, why didn't I know it was a book?!?" I'd seen the movie, and loved it, but I didn't know it was based on a book. So as soon as I got home, I clickedy clicked it onto my Kindle and devoured it in ONE NIGHT.

And it was just as fun as the movie. So if you loved the movie, you are probably going to love the book too!


I am pleased to announce I am finally making some progress on my revisions. I'm not fond of revising, so I had set my new(ish) NA book ISIS aside to stew until I could figure out how to incorporate some of the fabulous feedback I got back from a couple of Publishers. But I'm back. (In black) I am hoping to have the revised draft done by the end of June. It's ambitious, I know, but I really, really want to have this sucker done. *

*Done, does not mean "done" as nothing is ever really done in this business, but you know what I meant.

I've also made some progress on my latest MS, because 
1) I CAN'T seem to put it down and 2) I've visited some absolutely fantastic historical sites recently that are just begging to be in the book. Well, I think it's actually my characters doing the begging, but I left that part out due to the fact that I am not at all inclined to being permanently committed. (You know how I feel about commitment.)


Well, I am now Officially in a band. (Again.) Yes, I never seem to learn. But I think this project will be a lot of fun. And yes, I am dating the lead guitar player. *grin* So nothing new there. But I've been writing songs with a crazy sense of urgency. And we are having so much fun in the process, that I do think it's worth the time I have been wasting dedicating. And the amount of pain I am currently suffering by typing with band aid laden fingers on all 5 digits of my guitar hand.

Oh, and we went for a really cool hike to Deep Hole recently. Deep Hole is a natural spring along the beautiful Myakka River. It is over 100 feet deep in the center and it boasts a wealth of wildlife year-round. As the river level declines, animals flock to the spring to bask in the coolness. Sometimes, over 300 alligators can be found taking refuge in Deep Hole. Often they are so packed that you could walk across on their backs. At night all you see is eye-shine. Now of course I am dying to paddle my kayak through there at night. (And I think it goes without saying that these Wild Places always inspire me.)



  1. I knew that WHIP IT was based on a book, but I've never actually read it. That might be a fun one to pick up sometime. That's awesome that you're making such great progress on your MS. As for revisions, I usually really like them, but I'm starting to feel a bit revision weary lately, so I feel your pain. It's so much more exciting to me right now to dive headlong into a new project. That's so cool that you're in a band! :D

  2. I loved the movie WHIP IT (We're number two!), but I haven't read the book yet. Sounds like a good one to add to the never-ending TBR list actually. It amazes me that you're writing songs and books at the same time! Hope the revisions continue to go well and that your poor fingers get better!

  3. Whip It's a book?! I had no idea! Sounds like things are happening for you this week! yay! Awesome about the band AND about the revisions! It definitely isn't easy, but so worth it in the end :)

  4. So, eh-em, Steven Malk reps Shauna Cross and he's actually the one that connected her with Drew B. to get the movie in process. She's also the screenwriter that will be writing the script for Ally Carter's HEIST SOCIETY - which is what triggered him to my query from the get go, since I used Ally's books as "reference" for where mine would sit in B&N. :) I haven't read the book, but after Steve told me all about Shauna, I went out that day and rented WHIP IT - and of course, loved it! I so would love to do roller derby, but am wondering if my body would agree with all that checking!

    I'm so glad to see you're back at ISIS, K. - and I totally expect to get the revised MS asap, once you're done. You know I'm dying to see what changes you've made and where Isis and Asar are headed...cause "we want more!" "we want more!"...okay, maybe "I want more", but technicality schmeknicality. And you know I'm also game for the new MS, so red rover, red rover, send them both right on over!

    So jealous you and the Chris's have formed a band - what's your band name?Chris Cubed? Oy, okay, that was bad...and a little too close to Kris Kross, perhaps? Something tells me that JUMP is so NOT the type of music you all jam to (great, now that song is stuck in my head)! And please tell Chris I think it's TOTALLY hot that you're dating the lead guitar player. Totally. Hot. :)

    I love all your pictures of inspiration - some seriously beautiful shots! And honestly, K. - so happy to have chatted w/you this evening. It's about damn time, right? :)

    Sending BIG hugs and so much love to know you, my friend. Super excited you jumped on the WUW blog hop today...and even more for what's to come!


  5. ...Did you just say 300 alligators? Wow.

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing ^_^

    Good luck with all your writing and editing too :D

  6. I didn't know that Whip It was a book, either, very cool! SOunds like you are doing so many cool things at once. That's pretty inspiring!

  7. I haven't seen the movie WHIP IT yet but I need to! And read the book.

    I want to finish my revisions by the end of this month too, so I'm cheering you on! We can do this. :)

  8. Hi there! So nice to "meet" you and I look forward to getting to know you better! Good luck with your revisions - I'm kinda the opposite of you - I love revising more than drafting - while a shiny new idea is always appealing, I love the challenge of solving problems that comes along with revisions.

  9. Kris, I can so NOT identify with the whole roller derby thingy. I'd probably kill myself before I even left the skate changing area (or whatever it's officially called), but I LOVE the fact there are people who are into this! Makes the world a much more interesting place. :-)

    Your revisions will go well, I'm sure. I always find that once I'm into revising, I just can't stop. The "end" is near, and I wish you the best, best of luck.

    Great to meet you last night, too! Can't wait to visit this page again, too. Sooooo pretty!