YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp Monday Check In- April 21st

Monday April 21st- Check In!

So, I fell off the wagon. (big time) But when I went back and looked at my goals, I'm still not doing too shabby. Either because I set some realistic goals (for once) or because I came out of the gate stronger than expected. Whatever, the reason, I'll take it. Here's My Status Update on my Goals:

  • Finish my edits on ISIS and give it another complete read through
  • Completed!! (much rejoicing)
  • Send ISIS to CP's of Awesome
  • Shine up first chapter of LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES and post an excerpt under my Current Projects tab on my blog (eeep!)
  • Posted my excerpt of LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES on my blog. If you're remotely curious, you can read it Here. (scroll to the bottom of the page)
  • ISIS is ready for CP's of Awesome. My CP's are uber busy with real life stuff right now, so I feel kind of terrible burdening them with something else. But it's ready to send, so I think that counts as a win. (shut up, I'm counting it. ;)
  • Pass 50K mark on LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES (This is actually a March-May goal as it might take a while) :)
  • Itty, bitty progress here. I'm just shy of 47K. So I'm still on track to make that goal. Unfortunately, taking this Frankenmonster of a novel and turning it into a cohesive whole is another matter entirely. I have all these pieces written, some of which I still actually like, but now I'm faced with the daunting task of trying to knit it all together. *le sigh*
How's everybody else doing? Let me know if anyone need more cookies, or sprinkle grenades, or Orlando's. *grin*


Check in with other folks on the most awesome team on the planet: (Also, Megan Orsini had a birthday this past week, so go tweet her some birthday wishes!)


  1. Kris, you're doing REALLY well! Don't worry if you have a week or two of unawesomeness (aka regular people problems). You're keeping on, keeping on, and that's the whole point!

    And hey....I have time to read if you need some eyes on that MS! :-)

    Happy writing/revising/goal meeting this week! Go team Vesuvius! (ooh, that's a hard one to spell! Just realized.... LOL)

  2. It looks like you are doing GREAT in your goals! Congrats on all of your progress!