What's Up Wednesday- November 27th

Fiddlehead Ferns, Glove Abstinence & Wing Roar

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I reread THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE this week. That was a brilliantly idiotic plan. Don't get me wrong it's a heartbreakingly beautiful book, but I really didn't need any more raw nerve endings. (stooopid dendrites) My next read is going to be Fluffy to the Extreme. Pure escapism. Open to recommendations. Otherwise I'll probably reread the Brothers Karamazov again and we can't have that.


Working a little bit more on my pseudo-Nano book LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES. I even got up the guts to post my first ever excerpt of a Work in Progress for the YA Buccaneers Walk the Plank Challenge. If you're so inclined, you can read it Here. However, keep in mind that I haven't revised or edited it yet. Or even given my awesome CP's a crack at it yet. So far I've discovered that it isn't clear the MC is a guy. Which would make it a very, very different kind of book. *grin* 


- Making vintage-inspired gloves. I have a weakness for vintage stuff. (They will probably have to be gifts for my sisters and/or listed in my Etsy shop though, because it will never get cold enough here to wear them)  *sigh*
- Writing new songs. I actually finished a couple of them. (I'm as surprised as you are)
- Making ridiculous amounts of tasty food. ('Tis the season) 
- Falling in love with my yard. It's a perpetual condition. But I have fiddleheads unfurling, acacia making the whole place heady with perfume and hummingbirds on my coral honeysuckle. I love this place. (Glove abstinence notwithstanding) And I learned a new term that describes the noise a hummingbird makes with its wings: "Wing Roar". I love it. I might have to name an album that. 

My glove projects o' the week


Music. Oh such lovely music exists in this world.
Friends. I'm so lucky to have them.
Green things. I used to pine for green things this time of year. Now the green is eating my house.
A big, blank canvas on my porch. I'm going to turn it into something.
Baby rabbits. If ever you needed a symbol of new life, a pile of baby rabbits cuddled in the hollow of a pine tree in the back yard will do the trick.

I am a Rabbit. I have Wings. Hear me Roar.


  1. Oh, THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE... How I love that book. But you're right -- it is an emotional trainwreck. Love that beautiful photo of the unfurling ferns, and your mention of tasty foods. I've got pies to bake today! Happy Thanksgiving, Kris!

  2. Thanks Katy! And pies...mmmmm...now I want pie. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. I loved THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE but agree that it's an emotionally draining read! Have you read Stephanie Perkins' books yet? They're light and fluffy and lovely. :)

    Those gloves are SO pretty! Please link to your Etsy page so I can see them. It's definitely cold enough here for them! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I've read a couple of Stephanie Perkin's books, but you're right, they might just be the perfect ticket.

      And I'm glad you like the gloves, I'll post my Etsy shop link after I get them listed if you promise not to laugh at the other extremely goofy items I have listed in my shop. (Ummm...Snow Queen Headdress anyone?) Hahaha!

      Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too!

  4. Those gloves are gorgeous, Kris! Do you have a link to your Etsy shop anywhere? It's definitely chilly enough around here for gloves. :-) I went and read your NaNo segment and it was really, really good! And can I just say that your blog posts make me fall in love with where you live even though I've never been? Have a wonderful week, Kris!

    1. Thanks on both fronts! And I'll make you the same deal as Ghenet, and post my Etsy shop link if you PROMISE not to laugh and my goofy creations. I make a lot of ridiculous stuff. :)

      And just so you know, I'm in love with where you live just from your blog too!

  5. I'd love to live in a place where it never gets cold enough for gloves and where you can find baby rabbits in November.

    A well-cultivated yard is a thing of beauty. One day I hope to have enough land for a small hobby farm, and that land would include a lot of flowers too.

  6. Those gloves are awesome! You are so multi-talented, what with the song writing too :D

  7. Oooh, pretty gloves!

    Have you read The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney? It's light/fluffy. And the MC boy charmed me with his admission that he rubbed a bar of soap over his hair to wash it. Gotta love those low-key guys :)

  8. Love the title, LOVE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES.

    Now, this glove love is pretty amazing. Very unique and artistically inspiring.

    I'll have to check out your excerpt. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Baby rabbits might not inspire me so much as deter me. I would seriously sit and watch them ALL DAY. Too cute!

    Also, go you with WALKING THE PLANK!!! One of these days I will participate. :)

    Oh, and loved THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, but I hear ya. Light and fluffy? Have you read AUDREY WAIT! Awesome and light!

    Have a great week!

  10. I love those gloves! They would inspire me, too. As far as tasty foods go, I love eating ridiculous amounts of it!