What's Up Wednesday- Jan. 28th- Real Life is Overrated

Real Life is Overrated

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I picked up ONCE A WITCH by Carolyn MacCullough from the library and really enjoyed it. Fun characters, nice twists. I've started the sequel, ALWAYS A WITCH. 

In the non-fiction department, I'm reading 1491 by Charles C. Mann. It's a portrait of life in the Americas prior to the arrival of Europeans. I can basically sum it up thusly...Everything you learned in school is Dead Wrong. Yup. :)

"The Hole": Dive and snorkel entry point
I'm back to working on Love and other Curiosities. I also jotted down a few of the ideas that I came up with while on vacation. Sadly, "jotted" always turns into 3,000 words. But who knows, one of those ideas might turn into something.

Goal for the week. Spend at least 1hr working on writing related things, 3 times this week. I've got a lot of other things demanding my time, so I'm going to have to schedule it and make myself stick to it.

Hiking the Rainforest Creek: Boy Chris looks like a robot
who forgot to smile, I look like a dork
Having awesome CP's and writer friends who are moving forward in their writing goals. It reminds me that I need to keep moving forward, instead of getting stuck in the sand, deciding to build a sand castle, then deciding I need to blog about said sand castle and post pictures of the sand castle on Instagram instead of, you know, WRITING. (Procrastination thy name is Writer) Note to self: Even if the progress is tiny, it's still progress.

Me looking like a total dork (again), but is shows the awesome
view from our deck

Getting back into the swing of things post-vacation. It was pretty hard to get my brain out of vacation mode. I just want to be snorkeling every morning and lying in the sun, not cleaning the house and getting *actual* work done. *sigh* 
◆     We finally planted the rest of our "Christmas trees". Each year for Christmas we buy trees to plant in our yard. And we hang a little silver tag on them so we know what Christmas they went in the ground. So I have new mango, avocado, nectarine, ruby red grapefruit and lemon trees. (the gift that keeps on giving...because fresh mangoes *homer drool*)
◆    Making stuff for the guest house. I decided to try and make a sisal rug, because apparently I'm a crazy person. And making stuff for my Etsy shop, because it gives me another outlet for my crazy.
◆   Downloading pictures and video from our Caribbean trip. I'm just going to post more of those because they are faaar more interesting than what I've been doing this week. 

I'll leave you with more Beach Porn (because you can never have too much Beach Porn *grin*)
What have you been up to?


  1. I could just stay on your blog and look at that beach all day long...have you seen the picture up on my blog yet? Sigh. Actually, I like snow. But I like beaches more. I'd have a hard time getting back into the swing of things if I was you too. Good luck!

    1. Yeah, I might just stare at beach pictures all day too. Laundry smaundry, I want to be at the beach. ;)

      Hope you stay warm and cozy. The nicest thing about snow is that eventually it melts. :)

  2. Those pictures are all so pretty!

    Good luck with finding the right writing balance for you, especially with all your other creative outlets.

    1. Thanks! But what is this thing you call "balance" ;)

  3. Wow Kris 3,000 words is impressive to me. I'm lucky if I write 500 :-) Love the photos as always and good luck finding your balance! :-)

    1. I can always write tons of words on new ideas. Projects I'm supposed to be working on...not so much. *grin*

      Hope you have a great week!

  4. Your pictures are stunning, as usual! Have a great week! :)

  5. Your vacation photos are so beautiful. But so are the photos of the areas around the place where you actually live -- lucky you! Best of luck with LOVE & OTHER CURIOSITIES. Love that title, by the way. Have a great week, Kris!

  6. I just had to look up what a sisal rug was (haha my craft knowledge is small) and it looks cool. It always crosses my mind to make stuff, but I rarely ever do. I'm the window shopper of the crafting world :)

    LOVE your Christmas trees tradition. And your vacation pics.

    Have a tremendous week!

  7. "Even if the progress is tiny, it's still progress." Yes! I need to send that note to myself pretty much on a daily basis. Procrastination is my first, middle, and last name, especially when it comes to writing. I like the goal you've set for yourself for the week. I've been doing something similar. Here's hoping we both buckle down and get a bit of writing done this week!

    I love that you plant trees every Christmas and then tag them with the date! Such a wonderful idea. :-) Like you, I really need a number of creative outlets to keep me going. Probably keeps me from going crazy as well. Hope you have a wonderful week! And thanks for sharing more of your lovely photos!

  8. Your pictures are beautiful. Makes me want to go on holiday too. I hope you had fun! I hope you enjoy "Always a Witch", and have fun writing this week!

    My What's Up Wednesday post.

  9. Seriously, Kris, you should publish some kind of coffee table book with all your photos in them because those are gorgeous (as usual). And I love how jotting down the ideas inspired by your trip turned into so many words. They might not be on your current WIP, but hey, you'll have lots of options for your next project!

    Your Christmas fruit tree idea is so awesome! Now you get to eat the decorations. And to think we have to buy our Christmas oranges in a box.

    I did not know what a sisal rug was, so I had to look it up. You're definitely crazy for wanting to make one--crazy talented! Good luck with all your projects this week, whether it's building imaginary sandcastles or working on your writing goal! :)