What's Up Wednesday- December 17th

Glamping, Fire Poi & Holding Close Your Tiny Dancer

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My download of LOOKING FOR ALASKA was messed up. It would only show the first chapter. (Blerg) So instead I read WILL GRAYSON. I must admit, I didn't read the premise before downloading it, and I'm kind of glad I didn't. I might not have otherwise picked it up, as it's not really in my wheelhouse, but I really enjoyed it. Also, it's funny that two separate things this week, Will Grayson and the movie Almost Famous featured Tiny Dancer. Guess what song I've got stuck in my head?

I am pleased to announce that I wrote WORDS!! (plural and in English) (And there was much rejoicing) And I beat my goal. Granted I set myself such a pitiful word count goal for the precise reason that I wanted to actually meet my word count goal this week. (Look, I needed a Win here people.) Because doesn't it feel better to say, I beat my word count goal by 1,600 words? The answer you're looking for is "yes".

Goal for this week: Work on two new sections. Author's choice. I'm thinking Monkey Section and Hot Air Balloon. (But I'll just wait to see what feels right)

Timing. For me timing is everything. Both time of day and just time in general. 
I find that I write more lyrical words early in the morning. My brain is just feeling it that way when I first wake up, before the coffee has kicked in. However, my sense of humor doesn't really wake up until the afternoon. So if I'm writing a funny part, I'm probably writing it  then. Editing, evening. I can't edit first thing in the morning. I've tried.

Also, more generally, I've found there are times that I write a lot and times I write virtually nothing. I think it's just how I work. I resolved that I need to stop beating myself up so much for having stretches of non-writing time. I'm that way with most of my creative endeavors. For example, this year has been the year of new songs, whereas years previous...nada.  I think I need to be okay with that. Doesn't mean I don't need to get my butt in front of my laptop. It just means that if I'm not feeling it, or my forward progress is slow (read: glacial), that's okay too.


◆    I'm learning Fire Poi. (Yep. It's on the bucket list.) Every time I go to a festival or Burning Man or see it performed, I'm like "I want to try that!!" (Hey, no time like the present, right?) So I've got myself some practice poi to get started. And everybody's seen fire poi, but have you guys seen Sparkle Poi?!!! Holy crap for something that sounds so lame, it looks freakin' awesome! Check out the video below of this adorable kid from Thailand doing Sparkle Poi. Yep, I plan to level up as soon as I figure out how to not set myself on fire. Boy Chris is buying me safety glasses for my stocking. (I won the lottery there. Not many guys would be that supportive of perpetual insanity. He says he expects me to have it down by our next Halloween party.*grin*) Update: I also need to find some softer practice poi as I've already scored myself a couple of spectacular bruises.
◆   We've decided to build a giant teepee in the back yard and go Glamping over the holidays. I really wish I had time to make a Lotus Belle tent (above) because I am currently obsessed with them. *pets the pretty* But for now, giant teepee will have to do. Ingredients for teepee glamping: a futon, guitars, star lamps, twinkle lights, ridiculous amount of pillows, big peppermint marshmallows, libations & one very enthusiastic camping cat. (Technically Spartacus has his own tent as one of our friends scored him a mini sample tent from Target as a joke. He loves it. We took him and the tent down to Baja. He's a better camper than most people I know.) 

What have you guys been up to this week?


  1. Great job on the words! Sometimes you need space away from writing to recharge. Enjoy the holidays! :)

  2. Somehow that picture of the incredibly luxurious tent is exactly how I would have pictured your life. :) Congratulations on all the words! I think tiny goals are often the best, because getting started is the hardest part. Have a happy holidays!

  3. Congrats on meeting your goal! I failed, miserably. But I'm gonna get it done this time. I will.

  4. Have fun glamping! :D And HOORAY FOR ACTUAL WORDS!

    Timing is so important. Sometimes the only time I can write is first thing in the morning, other times last thing at night.

    Have a great Christmas! :D

  5. Sparkle Poi...hehehe. Sounds funny, but I bet it's beautiful! You are one brave girl even working your way up to Fire Poi. I would for sure set myself ablaze lol. Once you have it down, you should put up a video of yourself doing it!

    Congrats on writing words! Woohoo! :D I like what you had to say about timing and writing. I'd never really thought of it on that level before, but it makes good sense. As you know, I write according to mood too, but time of day wasn't something that occurred to me. Thanks for the tip!

    Am trying REALLY hard not to get "Tiny Dancer" stuck in my head. *heads to iTunes to listen to something else stat* Have a great week, Kris! :D

  6. That is interesting about timing. I joke that my writer brain only really works from 1-4pm. Sadly, that is not really a joke.

  7. That video was so cool! After watching it, I'd love to see Sparkle Poi performed live. I'm thinking those safety glasses are a really good idea because that looks crazy tough to learn. Have fun with that and don't get burned to a crisp!

    The whole timing thing with writing makes sense to me. I draft best at night, but if I close the blinds I can sometimes trick my brain into thinking it's night even though it's during the day lol. A big round of applause for meeting your goal this week, and in English to boot! Have fun writing Monkey Scene and Hot Air Balloon Scene, if that's what you decide to work on. Judging by those descriptions, I'm guessing both will be interesting to write.

    Oh, and glamping over the holidays sounds like a blast! We're going to visit Jaime after Christmas, so maybe I can convince her we should build an igloo to camp out in. Something tells me that won't be happening. Happy holidays, Kris! :D

  8. My husband and I considered setting up a mini tent in the apartment for the cats. We may still eventually do it because cats and tents equals awesome.

    Yay for WORDS!

    Have fun glamping :)