What's Up Wednesday- Happy October!!

 It's October! *Happy Dance*

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Haven't had a ton of reading time this week. I did have one day of "Jury Duty" which was basically reading the Forsyte Saga and starting an illicit card game in the Hall. Not much actual "jurying". 


I started in on yet another detailed round of edits/feedback on ISIS based on some great comments I got back from Betas. I'm beginning to think this book will never be "done", because there is always something that needs fixing. I wonder if anyone ever feels their book is actually "done". 


It's Ocotober!!! Which means the Halloween madness has already set in. (Who am I kidding, it set in weeks ago.) This Sunday we had a brew party to make our custom Halloween brew for our annual Halloween party. The theme for this year is "Into the Woods" so we're calling our brew "Bad Wolf Brown Ale".

Now all I have to do is convert my house into a forest. Which so far involves making giant birch trees for the walls, owls that fly, a giant hurricane-style bat mobile annnnd finish my costume. (Which it looks like the 4 foot-wide antlers are going to be too heavy for the headdress, so I might have to come up with plan B. Which is sad because I hand-sculpted these lovely, white 4 foot wide antlers....sigh.) 

I did build this really cool DIY Star Projector, which projects the actual night sky on the ceiling. I had to modify the wiring to accept some high-powered LED's because we have high cathedral ceilings. But the effect is so beautiful, that Boy Chris and I just lay down on the living room floor to watch it for a while. I miss the stars over Lake Powell (top picture). You can't see the Milky Way every night in the city. I think that's one reason I built the star projector.

Also, my Etsy store has officially gone nuts! As in, I need to hire somebody to help me out STAT. Anyone want to fly down here to help me make wild costumes for the next couple of weeks? Pretty please. *grin*


I need to find this thing. Of course I also need to find the time to apply this magical "thing". Stuff I have been doing that helps a bit: Pinterest Boards. Great way to organize ideas and research. Carrying around a notebook. This has been especially helpful with all the traveling I've been doing. 

But basically, I'm going to be Pirating your ideas from this lovely new section. Because I need to try something new to get the words flowing again. Annnd speaking of Pirates... have you checked out the YA Buccaneer's Fall Writing Bootcamp?! If that doesn't get the ol' words a flowin' I don't know what will.  *piratey grin*


  1. I don't think a book's ever "done" - it can never be absolutely perfect! All you can do is your best. Hope the words start flowing soon!

  2. Good luck with your edits. Hope your words start coming soon but don't worry too much…I promise they will come. Make they just need a little shake or two. ;-) Good luck!

  3. Your Halloween bash sounds AWESOME! And that poster is pretty fantastic too. :D I would love to have a star projector like yours. Where we live is a small enough city (12,000) that we have virtually no light pollution, so we can actually see some pretty spectacular night skies and stars. Still, it would be nice to replicate that indoors too! As for whether a book ever feels 'done', I'm going to go with probably not. I think we all could endlessly tweak our WiPs. Nice to hear that you're getting great feedback. Have a wonderful week! :D

  4. Best of luck with edits! I really don't think a book is ever done, even if it's published and out in the world. A star projector sounds amazing. There's too much light pollution here at college to see the stars, though it's about a five minute drive out of the city where they are visible.

  5. I can't even tell you how much I wish I could try your Bad Wolf Brown Ale! I'll have to tell my hubby about it because he'll love the name. Hmm, too bad you don't sell craft beer in your Etsy store lol!

    I hear you on feeling like a book is never done and always has something that needs to be fixed. I'm a stickler for plot, so I'm forever patching anything that even remotely resembles a tiny plot hole. And sometimes it's just so hard to make what's on the page as awesome as how it looks in your head. Keep at those edits, and I hope you find that elusive magical thing that works for your writing process!

    Also, have fun turning your house into a forest, and watch that you don't poke anyone's eye out with those antlers! ;)

  6. Your Bad Wolf Brown sounds fantastic. My husband is a beer connoisseur, but has never been tempted to brew his own. He prefers to go to the places where beer is made and served, and enjoy it there.

    Yours is the third blog I've read today to mention Pinterest boards. I'm going to give those a try!

  7. I'm still trying to figure out a Halloween costume. I've been trying to figure it since August. I tend to go vague, like George Harrison or Rhoda Morgenstern. Mostly so I can wear jeans :) But it's been years since I dressed up and I want to do something good since it'll probably be another 10 years before I do this again.

    Your night sky sounds AH-MAZING.