What's Up Wednesday- Aug. 27th- Slacker Edition

 What's Up Wednesday- Slacker Edition

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Welcome to the Slacker Edition wherein I officially describe how little I've been up to this week in terms of productivity. (Of course, one could argue that I don't really need to write a blog post to say I've done absolutely nothing...but you know, it might just help get my butt back in gear so...)

My Dad used to accuse me of "Burning the candle at both ends". Guilty. As. Charged. I have been thinking I can do everything, and saying "yes" to everything and I think I was in dire need of a reboot. So what did I read this week? Nothing. Not even science-y stuff. I think my brain just needed some down time.


Bupkis.(I refer you to the first paragraph re. Slakitude)

I have been plotting a little bit in my brain, but actual ink onto actual pages...not so much.


What with all the travel and hosting parties and helping with seagrass surveys and giving science-y presentations and prepping for MawrTravel and making a crap ton o' stuff for Burning Man and building a Magic Forest ("you know, for kids!") and kayaking my arms off and.... well, I needed a couple days off from Everything.

- I successfully went to the Beach. *grin* And did nothing while I was there but enjoy the water and and sun and watch beautiful surfers and smile at little kids streaking around squealing in French.

- We went to a couple of matinees in the afternoon and ate mango sorbet in waffle cones.


I'm in need of a little inspiration. I go through periods where I am all fired up and the words just pour out, and then I go through periods like this, where I don't know what I'm doing and I'm just not feeling it. But I think taking a few days to recharge my batteries will help. And having other writer friends who are excited about words helps.

Also, Boy Chris helps. When he asked what I was working on, what I was making and where I would be flying this past weekend and I said, "Nothing and Nowhere", he said "Good. It's nice to know you're human. You were making the rest of us look bad." Hah. :)

I made a Ghost Orchid for Terrarium Row-
So I guess I *technically* broke my "make nothing" rule for the week.


  1. Hooray for doing nothing! Revel in it :D

  2. The beach is always wonderful. Sounds like you've been really busy and just need a couple off days. Nothing wrong with that. :)

  3. You definitely deserve a week off! I really have to agree with Boy Chris on this one. Honestly, I wish I had half the energy and exuberance and creative power you've got. I love your orchid terrarium so much! We had a big jar terrarium (must have a lid or our cat, Finley, will eat it because she does things like that) and after a couple years it died. Boo. I need to get around to planting another. I hope you feel refreshed after your break and that all sorts of ideas for writing result from it! :)

  4. My brain usually wants to shut down near the end of every month and I need to spend at least a few hours doing nothing. Maybe I'm a robot and my batteries need recharging every 30 days or so :)

    Hope you have another relaxing week!