Walk the Plank December- The Bone Thieves

Walk The Plank is all about writing Flash Fiction - in other words, short snippets that make the biggest impact. And the goal: Write a flash fiction story in 200 words or fewer, excluding the title, around the monthly theme. Check out the rules by visiting the YABuccaneers page!

The Bone Thieves

'Twas the night before Christmas. Which, according to my friend Halton, was, scratch that is, the perfect night to break into the Museum of Natural History. The argument went something like this: 

"Come on, the only guard left on duty is going to be so pissed that he had to work Christmas Eve that he's going to do a crap job guarding anything."

The fact that I had agreed with said argument at the time was still gnawing at me.

"This is a terrible plan" I adjusted my rappelling harness.

"This is an excellent plan disguised as a terrible plan.” He corrected. “Scrap that, this is an excellent plan with you disguised as a sexy ninja."

"Shut up, Halton."

"Why are you wearing all black then if it's not to look like a sexy ninja?"

"Because we're breaking and entering and that's what you wear to your first B&E."

"You watch too many movies."

“Well none of those movies explained what you tell the cops when you get caught stealing bones from a freakin’ Museum on Christmas Eve.”

“I suppose the truth is out.” He sighed.

“That we’re trying to stop a criminal mastermind armed with nothing but a pterodactyl bone and the skull from your dead cat?” Yeah, the truth was definitely not an option.

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