Walk the Plank- August Edition

Walk The Plank is all about writing Flash Fiction - in other words, short snippets that make the biggest impact. And the goal: Write a flash fiction story in 200 words or fewer, excluding the title, around the monthly theme. Check out the rules by visiting the YABuccaneers page!


“I’ve always wanted to go to prison.”
“Shut up, Nash, this isn’t my fault.” He gingerly inspected the lump that was forming just above his eye.
“No seriously, Hawkins the décor is lovely.” I nudged what was obviously a discarded condom with the toe of my boot. It stuck. I tried to shake it off. “And speaking of this not being your fault, which one of us was stupid enough to hit a cop?”
“That was only after you said you slept with his wife.”
“Said. Not hit. Important difference.”
“Fails to be important if he succeeds in murdering you.”
“But see, then we get to sue him for assault, instead of the other way ‘round”
“Which is loads of fun when you’re dead.”
We were interrupted by the approach of a flabby-jowled desk cop sporting a bolo tie, holding a cheap mug of coffee.
“You two are free to go.” He took a sip. “Someone posted your bail.” He offered by way explanation.
“Really?” We said surprised unison.
The door slid open with a tortured groan.
“Listen Officer,” I said. “I wanted to thank you. I think we learned a valuable lesson here today”
“Yes,” Hawkins took my lead, “We’ve a renewed respect for authority.”
The Officer, distracted, stared beadily at Hawkins, trying to catch a whiff of sarcasm.
I deftly removed the spent condom from the sole of my boot, slipping it into his full coffee mug.
“Absolutely,” I intoned. “I think everyone got exactly what they deserved."
Hawkins grinned. 


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    1. Thanks Bridgid!!! Sort of went in a weird direction with it...but you know me, seldom normal. :)

      Can't wait to read yours!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! And yeah, I've been in a really weird mood this week. I think I grossed myself out. :)

  3. Ewww! Certainly a different take on the theme, Kris--well done! :)

  4. Kris, you never cease to amaze me, Woman. :) Loved this...and could totally see the two of us playing the parts of Nash and Hawkins, easily.

    Well done, my friend -- well done!

    1. We would be an AWESOME Nash and Hawkins!!! Which one do you want to be? Because you are totally playing the part in the movie adaptation. :)

      Of course now these boys won't leave me alone. Best part of Flash Fiction- something I can Finish. (plus no editing, no beastly rewrites) Worst part of Flash Fiction- I want to write ALL THE BOOKS.