The Third Rule of Fight Club- Or How to Beat Up Your Other Personalities

Gift from the iPod gods: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (And yes, you should…Go Do That, I’ll wait.)

The First Rule of Fight Club is You Don’t Talk About Fight Club. The Second Rule of Fight Club is You Don’t Talk About Fight Club.

The Third Rule of Fight Club, and what I REALLY learned from Fight Club, is that you can beat yourself up in a parking lot. Admit it, you didn't see that one coming. When they flash back to Ed Norton in the parking lot beating the crap out of himself you were like "Whoa!" (and if you haven't seen Fight Club, go watch it NOW...I'll wait.)

Where am I going with this? So glad you asked. I have multiple personality disorder. Oh yes, I've got it bad. Let me explain. Every facet of my life, and there are many, are currently fighting tooth and claw for dominance. And all of them, in one way or another, demand a web presence to be successful. And they don't play well with others. I mean do I really want potential book editors seeing my Steampunk Store?, NO I DO NOT. Do I want to burden my writer friends with all my environmental propaganda? Not if I want to keep them I don’t. And, do I really want my EcoTour customers to read my novels…well maybe.

The problem is that this whole multiple personality stuff is ridiculously exhausting. They don’t tell you in superhero school that having a secret identity is a HUGE time waster.

The result of my multiple personality mania:
I have.....
9 blogs
6 Twitter accounts
4 Facebook accounts
3 web sites
2 Pinterest accounts
….and 1 Goodreads account (feel like I should be singing Partridge in a Pear tree along with that one)

And, they all need content. And not surprisingly, I am behind on All Of Them.

So I am taking a page out of Ed Norton’s book. I am going to have a little cage match with all of my personalities and see who comes out on top.  This is my way of saying….PRIORITIZE.  You can’t do everything, there are limited hours in a given day and you still need to sleep and *gasp* have fun every once in a while.

So this is how you pare things down. Don’t do everything for every single one of your personalities.  See what works for each and eliminate the rest.  Look at your stats. Is your blog working? Do you have a web site that’s taking a lot of time to maintain, but actually has very few viewers? Trim it down. Do you have a twitter account that you set up but never tweet under? Ditch it.

Second tip, link things up. All those handy little auto content widgets…use them! Can your blog auto populate your Facebook account? Can your Goodreads account tweet for you? Use it. Anything you can link up to save you those precious little bits of time is a godsend. And will save you from bloodying your knuckles.

This is the plan anyway….I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh wise and wonderful readers, what are your strategies for dealing with web presence of all sorts? Do share. We could all use a few pointers over here.

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