This Book Should Come With A Warning

It happened to me again last night.  I found a great book online and downloaded the sample to my Kindle.  Loved the sample.  It made me laugh out loud so hard so many times in one chapter that I immediately hit the “buy now” button after reading the sample. 

Chapter two was a rude awakening.  The book took an unexpected turn.  That’s right….werewolves.  Again!  I had specifically chosen a book that I believed, in good faith, to be devoid of werewolves and vamps, only to be led once more down the garden path.  Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed many books with werewolves and the occasional vampire novel has graced my shelves.  (Always feel like I’m coming out of the closet when I admit that though.)

However, that is precisely the problem.  I have read too many novels with werewolves in them now.  I want something new.  I thought I bought something new.  I was wrong.

I think, therefore, that books should come with a warning that flashes on screen before the “buy now” button…”Warning this book contains werewolves”….or vampires…or whatever.  Hard copies could have an advisory sticker tacked onto the front like they have to warn parents of album lyrics that might be detrimental to their children’s virginal minds.  (Even though it’s really the other way around…my mother was always shocked by the song lyrics in my collection, not the other way around.)
However, the recommendation stands.  If I am buying a book with werewolves in it, there better be something on the cover or the write up to suggest same.  Everyone in the industry (publishers, cover artists, writers (you know who you are)) please comply.  My undying gratitude is up for grabs.

What is the one surprise you don't want to find in the book you just bought?  Do share....

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  1. I love that cover! The guy on the far right looks like Vincent Price. :)