Overlooked Books- Great Books That May Have Escaped Your Notice

This segment I like to dedicate to great books that for whatever reason have been overlooked by most of the mainstream outlets.  There are some true gems out there that once I discover them, I can't help but say, "How is it that I've never heard of this book?!"  Or in some cases, "Why didn't I know about this book years ago?!" 

That is precisely the case with the Tomorrow series by Australian author John Marsden.

I am a big fan of gritty YA trilogies with realistic themes and compelling characters, so I was amazed that a seven book trilogy that is 'just my type' escaped my notice for so long.  I burned through this series as fast a humanly possible.  And when I told a friend, they were 'Hunger Games-good' (a weighty compliment to say the least), she didn't believe me.  I then got a 3am phone call asking me to please, please mail her the last book because it wasn't available locally and Amazon was taking too long.  I laughed all the way to the post office. 

I do want to include a brief disclaimer for you intrepid readers out there that, although the books are not as violent as one would expect given the subject matter, the realism may be too much for some readers. (particularly younger readers) 

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